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What is Context Marketing? What Can It Do for Your Business? 

shutterstock_271780769Personalization in marketing is extremely important. While knowing customers’ genders, birthdates and purchase histories is one vital aspect to delivering content that is meaningful and relevant but that alone is not enough to create loyalty.

More profound connection with customers is necessary. Understanding context in marketing can help you better understand your customer’s needs, wants and expectations. These insights can be used to elevate your marketing strategies.

What is Context?

Context allows for more accurate messaging and more precise targeting. It helps you understand how your customers interact with your brand.

How Can I Use Context Marketing?

You can use context marketing to understand what is relevant to your customer. Context helps you understand why, where and how your customers interact with your brand.

Context marketing helps ensure that you are delivering the right message to the right person through the most appropriate medium at the right place and the right time. Context marketing is about knowing your customers so well that you know what services and products they really need. It is about providing something valuable to them.  Here are some ways that you can use context marketing.

Progressive Profiling

Requesting that visitors to your site fill out the same information twice is very frustrating for them. Progressive profiling eliminates this by allowing you to tailor your website forms based on information your customer has already provided. Progressive profiling eliminates the need to fill out the same information multiple times when completing a form online. If they have already provided their company name on a previous form, you would just ask them about their company size on another instead of gathering their company name again.

Drip Nurturing

Drip nurturing refers is a type of marketing where you provide customers with relevant information based on their actions. Drip nurturing emails are extremely relevant because the information provided is based on a previous action. Drip nurturing is also timely. Information is provided when right away.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic page content refers to tailoring content, such as images or information on a website based on information that you have already gathered about the visitor to your site.  If you know the size of a business that visits your page, you can tailor content to show information that will be helpful to their specific size business. This provides much more helpful and relevant information to your  potential customer. They can avoid searching through information that they do not need. This makes your businesses products or services appear to be a wonderful match for their needs.