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Website Design – The 8 “C’s” That Make a Site Sticky

shutterstock_226608292Website design might seem a rather simple, straight forward process. This is even more true with so many free-to-use design services, allowing you to create a website for free. However, as is the case with almost everything, the devil is in the details. A website might look nice, but if you miss out on some of the details, it might flounder and end up dragging at the bottom of a search engine’s displayed results. In order to dive deeper into the world of website design, you need to look at the eight “C’s” that make a website sticky. This boosts your SEO, bring in more visitors and keeps them around your site longer.

1. Content

Content is everything in the Internet. Quality content brings in quality visitors. Search engines are doing a better job now than ever before identifying quality content. As long as you produce high-end information and material for your website, you shouldn’t have a problem with this at all.

2. Communication

Give your customers an ability to communicate with you and do what you can to respond quickly. An open, direct line of communication allows customers to feel important. When customers feel they are being taken care of, they are more likely to both return for future services and recommend you to others.

3. Cost

Everyone is always looking for a deal. You don’t need to undercut everyone in the service area, as cheap service doesn’t often mean better service. However, people still like to feel like they are giving a deal. You can offer service discounts for repeat customers, request their email address to you can message out the occasional deal or discount.

4. Convenience

Your website needs to be reliable and load quickly. If customers find your website is down frequently or doesn’t load quickly, they are going to turn to a different service provider. The average attention span for an online user is six seconds. If it takes anywhere near this amount of time for your website to load, you have a problem.

5. Choice

Offer a selection of services and options. Everyone loves a choice. Even if a customer knows what they are going to get, having options is a plus.

6. Customization

There are some ways where you can have a website customize to that of your visitor. If you offer a sign-in service, make sure the website welcomes the customer by name (or at least user name). Plus, offer personal preferences for the products listed. This way, it is easier for a return customer to find content they like.

7. Community

From social media networks to specialty plug-ins, you want to form a community with your customers and visitors. Thanks to modern website design, you can implement online forums, social media interactions and different ways to connect with customers and form a special bond.

8. Commerce

Establish a quality online commerce service. Customers should be able to track packages, complete entire purchases and go over return policies with the website design.