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strong nonprofits have sharp websites

Nonprofit Marketing Gurus develop and design custom websites for nonprofit organizations that will improve your online presence and help you achieve your goals. The current marketing climate does not leave room for errors. Analytics data shows that most people judge a website’s usefulness within three seconds of landing. If you are missing a cleanly designed and implemented website for your non profit organization, your web traffic and online exposure will suffer. The skilled and experienced web design team at Nonprofit Marketing Gurus is ready to design a custom website for your non profit organization that will bring fresh traffic and new life to your organization’s online presence.


All the websites we design at Nonprofit Marketing Gurus are founded on an understanding of your nonprofit organization, its goals and its strengths. We enhance the finer points of your nonprofit organization’s mission by targeting and focusing your website and its message. With well written, search-engine friendly content and a measurable conversion goal, your website will encourage visitors to contact your nonprofit organization. We know that every visitor is comparing your website to other nonprofit organization’s websites and that keeps us prepared and flexible. We are always utilizing years of web design experience and marketing know-how to ensure your nonprofit organization is properly represented online. By keeping your website’s visitors in mind, you can improve your chances of them reaching out to you.

If you already have a well-designed website, but it is not performing as well as you’d hoped, it may be that the design is not search engine friendly. Nonprofit Marketing Gurus employ search engine optimization experts, and every website we develop is designed with search engine results in mind. The web developers and designers on our team have extensive SEO experience to ensure every website built at Nonprofit Marketing Gurus is user and search friendly. Some companies design websites for non profits without considering critical components of search engine optimization, and the result is lackluster placement on search engines. The skilled web developers, designers and SEO experts at Nonprofit Marketing Gurus regularly demonstrate their capacity to create ranking websites for nonprofit organizations in all fields.

A nonprofit organization’s website is the critical juncture of its online marketing campaign. You should not let your website be designed by some fly-by-night web designer who will not take care of your needs. You can secure your ongoing success by investing your time and money in a carefully and professionally designed, search friendly website for your nonprofit.

A new website will enhance your organization by increasing online visibility and bringing new visitors through your doors.