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The Responsive Website Design Is Getting More Spectacular

shutterstock_220240303One of the really exciting things happening in the world these days is that our computers, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices are getting smarter and smarter. With that the places these devices access and report back to and from are getting smarter too! The responsive website design is further evidence that the Internet still has very far to go. Responsive website design is something that your non-profit should be taking advantage of right now.

SEO: While it may have fallen from its perch as the gold-standard for online marketing these days, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is still the workhorse that it has always been. If you are hoping to draw people into your website or just get folks seeing you at all then SEO is an essential component in your website design arsenal. SEO has really morphed in recent years as well. No longer is keyword stuffed content going to win the day. When you are going after your responsive website vision you will need to create content that ensures your site won’t get sifted through and filtered out by the bigger search engines in the world.

PPC: Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is more of an interactive approach to your website design but it’s still one of the very best ways to get things done. Your “host” will be paid for each individual click that is generated by their website adverting for you. This is a great means of generating traffic for your site. Coupled with these other means, PPC is a smart way to introduce a product or roll out some kind of time sensitive event. Be leery of relying on these PPC ads too much though. If people click your ad once and aren’t galvanized to take action on your site then your ads will just become a part of the backdrop for that user.

Video Marketing: We all have a film production studio in our pockets these days with our smartphones; everyone can be a celebrity. But video marketing is a very popular means to get your message across. Particularly when your video ad is coupled with your social media presence. These days video ads can just be played in the windows without even being clicked on in places like Facebook and Twitter. Of course you would like to have those clicks too, but if your message gets to the intended recipients then that’s fine!

One of the challenges for businesses who already have a website that they are “satisfied” with is that your overall website design needs to be revamped. If you can haven’t been generating the business you would like or the business that you think you should that’s a problem. You should certainly have a look at how you can make your website design more expressive, more responsive and more engaging. You want visitors who click on your ads, to come to your site, see what you have, and love it! That end is the ultimate goal of every website proprietor!