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Nonprofit Marketing Gurus has experience with today’s social media world. The surging growth in online communication over social media networks is undeniable, and if you are not participating in the conversation, you risk being left behind entirely. The social media marketing experts at Nonprofit Marketing Gurus have the skills to overhaul your social media profiles and help you build lines of direct communication to your audience. Engagement with your audience is one of the fastest ways to increase online visibility for your non profit organization.



  • Google analytics data shows that over 50% of all online activity is generated by social media.
  • Today, people do more and more of their shopping online, and we seek recommendations from our social media friends more often than ever.
  • These ongoing online conversations are how potential visitors determine to which organizations they will give their time and effort. Instead of traveling to your offices or calling, they will check your social media profiles and see what others are saying about you online.


Whether you are participating or not, social media conversations can make or break your online presence. You can join the potential audience by engaging with them directly on a professional level that represents your organization or you can consider yourself excluded from your own online audience. Nonprofit Marketing Gurus is prepared to customize your social media profiles and help you engage with your audience to systematically enhance your online presence. Our approach to your social media strategy will help you create a social media presence that will grow your relationships with your audience and bring new traffic to your site.

Social media is more than updating your blog regularly and sharing the post. Nonprofit Marketing Gurus employs dynamic and flexible strategies to grow your Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+ profile, LinkedIn page and more. Proper implementation of social media strategies will systematically grow your network of relationships and create great communication between you and your audience. Nonprofit Marketing Gurus has the experience and knowledge you want behind your social media strategy. We are prepared to leverage your social media profiles in your favor.