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  • Costs nothing to set up.
  • Provides a various of reporting options, enabling you to understand how your visitors interact with your site.
  • Gives you the data you need to make informed, systematic updates to your website that will improve your visibility and search rankings.

make informed decisions

Nonprofit Marketing Gurus can bring the power of Google Analytics to your nonprofit organization’s marketing campaigns to improve your online presence and systematically help your website reach its goals. Thanks to the ease of access to information online, many nonprofit organizations know a beautiful website and great content are vital to online success, but they still have no luck securing the traffic they require to grow. To understand how people are interacting with your website, you should have Google Analytics installed on your site. Free for any website owners, Google Analytics allows you to follow a vast number of metrics regarding activity on your site. This data gives you valuable information on visitor behavior, traffic and performance that our Analytics consultants are prepared to review and leverage to improve your websites online search presence and rankings.


home-partnerNonprofit Marketing Gurus employs Google Analytics Certified marketers ready to use the power of data to benefit your non profit organization’s online marketing campaign.

Google Analytics consulting with Nonprofit Marketing Gurus puts you face-to-face with certified Google Analytics experts with years of experience in utilizing Google Analytics data to enhance online marketing campaigns. Why is your bounce rate important? What are your conversion goals? Understanding how analytics data can benefit your business is what we do best. Nonprofit Marketing Gurus has extensive success in applying analytics data to SEO and PPC campaigns with incredible results.

Nonprofit Marketing Gurus is able to provide customized Google Analytics consulting and reporting for non profit organizations in any industry. Contact the Nonprofit Marketing Gurus today and watch your online success grow with Google Analytics.