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6 Questions You Must Ask an SEO Company before You Hire

shutterstock_357433418Bringing in an SEO professional to go over, upgrade and improve your website and boost search engine placement is essential for any company doing business online. It doesn’t matter what services you provide, what products you sell or what advice you offer, an SEO company can prove to be the difference between a website with excellent traffic and a quality search engine placement or a site swallowed by the hungry appetite of the engrossing Internet. However, selecting the right SEO company isn’t as easy as just finding the first company to appear during your Google search. Different search engine optimization providers offer varying services, some of which may not prove useful to you or your company. That is exactly why you need to ask these six questions before making the final hire.

1. What Services Are Provided in the Search Engine Optimization Package?

Some companies have a base package with different add-ons while other companies do everything in their power to help you out. All SEO service providers offer keyword optimization, proper formatting and the basics. Not all companies adjust the meta tagging, alter the keywords associated with your images or promote your website on sharing services to build quality back links. You need to find out what all is offered and what all you need to pay extra for.

2. Do They Offer Reports?

Some search engine optimization companies go in, do what they think needs to be done, collect their check and leave. That is fine and all, but how do you know what worked and what didn’t? Maybe your website is seeing more traffic, which is good, but wouldn’t it be nice to understand what is bringing in the added traffic? Always make sure the SEO company you go with offers reports. These reports might come monthly, quarterly or however often you need. This way, you can monitor the changes and determine what is working best for your website.

3. How Long Does the Service and Reports Last?

This is closely related to step two. Receiving a report after the first month is nice, but you need something a bit more substantial. Make sure to ask how long the service continues for and how long you receive reports for.

4. What Kinds of Online Ads are Used?

Boosting your website SEO often requires taking advantage of online advertisements, but what ads are best for your website? Most ads now are PPC (pay per click), where you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement.

5. Is Video Marketing Included?

Video marketing and expanding to video sharing websites is a fantastic way to boost SEO not only through word searches but video searches as well. Asking about this is an excellent idea.

6. Is Web Design Edits Included?

Sometimes you need an entire overall of the website. Maybe the information above the fold isn’t desirable content. Perhaps image placement is off. Whatever is going on, if it is not exceptional, you need your SEO provider to correct it.