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5 Things to Remember When Starting a Website Design and …

shutterstock_270635228When setting down for a round of website design, regardless of the website’s purpose, it is important to keep five key issues in mind. The following five tips will help keep your website relevant, current and successful in the highly saturated world of the Internet.

1. Evergreen

No, this doesn’t mean you plant pine and spruce trees around your computer. Evergreen, when used in reference to website design, means keeping the content such that it can stay relevant today and next month/year etc. This does not mean you make your website and never tend to it again but it does mean the tags and visual style should not dip into fads that are out of date and antiquated. You can change your copy and content but the design that holds that content needs to have the evergreen qualities.

2. Fresh Copy and Content

After reading the Evergreen tip it may sound contradictory but in order to keep your website such that you gain returning visitors it is crucial you update the content and copy regularly. Sure, your design is evergreen, but the content and copy needs to be changed out very frequently to keep viewers interested.

3. Less is More

Successful websites know the adage of “less is more”. Instead of loading the website with loads of pages, edit it down to as few pages as possible. This keeps short attention span viewers enthralled with the site instead of leaving it after they see the overwhelming amounts of unnecessary pages.

4. Clean It Up

In the same vein as “less is more” it is important to keep the visuals crisp, clean and free of clutter. You want to have striking visual images with a clean interface. It is always tempting to throw in as many fonts and designs as you can imagine but this just takes away from the visual impact of the site. After you build the site, do a visual edit and clean it up and make it clutter free. This is a huge part of website design.

5. Build Around Visual Hierarchy

This is the web designs version of pedagogy and chronology. When you build your website, especially important for sites for non-profit organizations, build it with “visual hierarchy” in mind. Lay out your site so the eye naturally wants to go from the beginning to the final word on the page through a visual hierarchy that draws the readers eyes across or down the site. Start with the “A” material, slowly develop through the “B” material, lead down to the “C” material and finish big by using the last of your “A” material.

Use these tips to build a fantastic site that keeps your readers and visitors engaged and interested.