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24 SEO Tips and Tricks For Getting Ranked At The Top in 2016

shutterstock_115357066Following are twenty-four tips and tricks to ensure your page gets in the top results.

1. Use a PPC Campaign
You don’t pay unless your ad is clicked on in a PPC campaign, making it financially reasonable.

2. Title Tag Optimization
This is the blue link that shows up when someone searches for your brand or product. Put SEO keywords in this title tag.

3. Video Marketing
People are more likely to watch something than they are to read it. Getting a good visual campaign out there is likely to grab attention and increase your ranking.

4. Description Tag Optimization
Under the blue tag on the search menu is the Description Tag, or meta-description. Be sure to optimize it.

5. Ensure Your Layouts have Sub-headings and Headings That Are Optimized
Not only are subheadings and headings easier for search engines to find, people find them more comfortable as well.

6. URLs Search-Engine Optimized
A URL with internal reference labels may not be easy for a search engine to find. Consider: “www.example.com/code=9.html” will be less likely to show up in a search bar than “www.example.com/business-name-about-me-page”.

7. Pictures
Start a post with a picture. Include them throughout the post.

8. Density of Keywords
It goes without saying that keyword saturation is desirable, but over-saturation has become gauche. The idea is balance.

9. Keep Abreast of Developing Trends
As SEO techniques are refined, various articles and books get written. Devote time to keeping “in the know”.

10. Visitor Content
Those who come to your site should have something to read.

11. Provide Internal Links
Not only should subheadings and headings be optimized, you want to have the titles of your pages keyword optimized, and linked to one another.

12. Link Externally
Providing resources for visitors is amenable to continued interaction.

13. Site Design
The easier on the eyes your site is, the more it will be visited.

14. Keywords of the “Long Tail” Variety
These are keyword phrases three or four words long directly relating to your products/services. Put these wherever possible.

15. Optimize All Primary Categories
Where you want people to go should be SEO optimized in name.

16. Continually Update
Be sure to regularly produce content.

17. Keyword Files
Any files, video, audio, or otherwise should have keywords in their names.

18. No Spam!
You get out what you put in, it’s as simple as that.

19. Know Your Clientele
Ask them what they want–it’s a great excuse to produce keyword-rich content.

20. Sitemaps
The table of contents on your page is often called a “sitemap”, and it should be SEO-optimized.

21. Simplicity
Make keywords that are easy to remember.

22. Applicability
Your keywords should be as close to your clients’ mindset of service as possible. Use gardener instead of horticulturalist.

23. Cultural Awareness
Keep an eye on the news and design content to reflect events that are trending.

24. Time Releases
Time your release of content to coincide with hours when there’s high traffic; this will help increase its visibility.